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About the Study

Lots of people who take antipsychotic medication find they experience sexual problems. At the moment, we don’t know the best way to help people. One possible option is to change to a different medication that may cause fewer sexual problems. We have heard from patients they can find it difficult to talk to their doctor about sexual problems and have even thought about stopping their medication because of the sexual problems they are experiencing. If the study shows benefit for patients, we will be able to give better advice to staff on the best way to approach and manage sexual problems, using the information we have gathered during the study.

The REMEDY study will compare a group of people that stay on the same antipsychotic medication to another group that changes to a different one to see if there is a difference between the two groups. The way we decide which group people who take part in the study will be put into is by chance. We have designed the study to ensure that everyone who takes part has an equal chance of being in the group that receives a change in medication.  Everyone that takes part will be offered sessions with a doctor or nurse where they are given advice about things that might help with the sexual problems that they have. Participation in the study is for 6 months and during this time an individual will meet with a study researcher on a few occasions and be asked some questions about themselves.